How to Print a Poster on Home Printer?

A poster is the announcement of new products and helps to grow the product owner. If your printer has the option of printing posters, then you can easily print posters on a home printer. And you also can create your own poster in Microsoft Word and Window Paint and easily print the poster on a home printer.

The dimension for the poster based on four to more sheets. Your home printer’s page layout and preferences allow you to print posters with standard size sheets for paper. The home printer with these dimensions is an economical and time-saving tool.

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Home Printer Requirements

The poster print required oversized paper and you can easily print the poster on your home printer. Also needs the large format printer and sending the documents to printing services.

Direct to printer

Step 1

Power “On” your home printer. Load the sheets for your poster.

Step 2

Open the document (poster file) in the application and select the “Print” function (usually under “File” in the top menu bar).

Step 3

Select your target printer from the printer list, in the “Printer” section of the Print dialog box.

Step 4
Click the “Properties” or you can choose the “Set up” button and click the “Advanced Tab”.

Step 5

Click “OK” to close the Printing Preferences dialog box and then click “Print”. Place the prints on a large, flat surface in the correct order.

Step 6

Select “On” under “Tiling” in the “Document Options” section.

Step 7

Click the “OK” button to exit the Setup or Properties window.

Step 8

Preview the layout of the printout in the thumbnail image in the Print dialog box to confirm the distribution of tiled pages.

Step 9

Load the paper in the paper tray and click the “Print” button

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