How Do I Connect My Brother Printer To My Computer

Connecting a printer to your computes requires few simple steps. Both these devices are connected to bring then online. Connections can be wireless or a hard lane. Connecting hard lane to internet connection allows the laptop to be offline. Basically, considered as an alternative method of wireless connection.

Furthermore, before connecting printer to computer, the printer requires few setup to be done. For example installation is required otherwise, printer will not respond. For installation purpose, hard drive with a printer driver is included in packaging that needs to be installed.

For connection Brother Printer to your Computer, read our blog thoroughly. Hopefully, that will prover beneficial for you.

Basic Requirements For Connecting your Computer with a Printer

Following are the things you need for connectivity.

  • Brother Printer
  • Computer
  • Installation device

How To Connect Brother Printer with CD/DVD?

Installation is mandatory for running the every Printer. Below given is the simple procedure to install Brother Printer and then connecting your Brother Printer through USB or CD/DVD.

  • Insert the disk driver into Brother’s Printer CD/DVD rom.
  • Now open My Computer on Computer and double tap on DVD drive.
  • Now, choose the Model Number of your Brother Printer.
  • Select the Language.
  • Now, click on Install MFL-Pro Suite.
  • Click on Yes button.
  • Next you would undergo a statement “Do you want to check if a newer version of the software is available”. Select No button if you are not connected to Wi-Fi and then on Continue button.
  • Let the setup be completed and then select Yes to agree the Terms & Conditions.
  • Now Select the Standard and click on Next Button.

You are installed with your drivers. After the setup is done, follow the instructions for naming your network through SSID Code. After recognizing your printer, you can communicate with laptop and printer.

How To Connect Brother Printer Through Wireless Connections?

Here are two ways to connect your printer to your computer through Wireless connection.

Option 1: Connect via WPS Button

Press WPS button on the printer if your printer and router had that option. Then press the corresponding button on your router. Connections will be automatically created and you will be connected through that option.

Option 2: Connect via Printer’s Control Panel

Go to the wireless settings on your control panel. Follow the on-screen procedure by putting your Wi-Fi network and password.

Note: As the process vary for different Brother Printers. In case if the above procedure didn’t work for you then consult your printer’s documentation.

Instructions For Wireless Connections

  • Connect the power cord of your printer and then connect it to nearby socket.
  • Now turn on your Brother Printer.
  • On Control Panel, press the Menu Button. With the help of cursor choose your network and press OK.
  • With the help of cursor choose WLAN and press OK.
  • With the help of cursor Select Setup Wizard and press OK.
  • Select Yes to enable wireless network when WLAN Enable appears. It will start wireless setup Wizard.
  • The device will show the list if available Networks names SSID.
  • Select the SSD and press OK.
  • The device will start making its connection.

How To Connect your Printer To Computer through Cable?

There are three types of printers cable.

  • Ethernet Cable
  • USB AB Cable
  • The Parallel Cable

Firstly, check the slots of cable on your printer and computer to see which type of cable connection is required for connection. Then attach the cable on your printer and your computer.

So I hope this will help out for you for connecting your Brother Printer to your Computer. Before all that procedure check your operating system like Windows 7 or 10. According to that adjust your settings. If you are still facing any issue then comment down your issue.




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